Your Good Medicine

What is the Good Medicine Project?

It Was Created From the Heart and Out of Necessity

I always thought that if I ever had cancer, my life would be filled with pain and sadness. So, in 2007, when I found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer, I braced for the suffering ahead. 

I waited, but the suffering never came.  Instead, I almost always felt happy.  I floated in the warmth of  endless kindnesses from friends, family, colleagues and community.  Visits, food, notes, walks, phone calls, texts, gifts, books, flowers, funny hats… every single day for months someone reached out in a loving way. 

 It was a master class in kindness!

It was an important lesson, because it prepared me for the question I’ve been asked countless times since.  It starts like this: “My friend …neighbor … child’s teacher … roommate … aunt … niece … colleague has just been diagnosed with breast cancer! ”  Then, “How can I help her?” 

 The Good Medicine Project is an attempt to answer that question.  We hope you find it useful!

Susan Giacomini Allan

We Are Good Medicine is an effort by breast cancer survivors and their friends, families, and the medical care community to inspire and inform the social networks of those on the breast cancer journey.  Many of us experienced the benefits of social support, that “master class in kindness.”  We volunteer, share our stories and provide financial support to raise awareness and ease the way of patients we love.
Our work is guided by our board:

  • Susan Giacomini, President, Breast Cancer Survivor, Video Producer
  • Candyce Kroenke, Research Scientist, Kaiser Division of Research
  • Shari LaRocque, Breast Cancer Patient, Advertising Executive, Flip2Media
  • Nancy Wolf, Vice-President, Breast Cancer Survivor, Retired Educator
  • Mark Allan, Retired Cinematographer, Spouse of Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Rory Campbell, JD, Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP
  • David Lefkowitz, CPA, TYS LLP