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the importance of social support

You’ve gotten the news that someone you love has breast cancer. You want to help them, but don’t know where to start.  Oncologists, therapists, psychiatrists and researchers who analyze a patient’s experience, talk about the impact you can have on a patient’s recovery and survival.

From the Professionals

Breast cancer patients who reported having a strong group of friends, family and even acquaintances, otherwise known as social support or strong social networks,  said they had less pain and fewer side effects from their treatments. 

Support does work

Patients who report high levels of social support and connection also report less pain and fewer side effects, and have better outcomes.
The spark of the Good Medicine Project came from a research article in the Pathways Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship by Candyce Kroenke, MPH, ScD, “Fun and Friends Help Ease the Breast Cancer Journey.” View the article here.


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